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The Top 10 Graffiti Fonts are a must-have for every graffiti enthusiast

Graffiti is a worldwide art phenomenon, but it is considered illegal in some parts of the country. People still like seeing this type of artwork. People recognize this street culture for its provocativeness, boldness, and public appeal. There is an abundance of graffiti fonts that you may utilize in your typographic projects; here are a few options.

Urban decay:
If you want to add an urban flavor to your project, Urban Decay offers all you need in a graffiti font. Zofos created this handmade brush font to honor the raw reality of inner-city living.

Philadelphia Sans:
Philatype created Philly Sans. He used a lowercase font to give the project a distinct and informal appearance. He wanted to impart authenticity to art. Not only is it easy to read, but it also has a fantastic typeface.

Hoodson’s Script:
The Hoodson Script is a retro-style typeface with a bouncy baseline that will make your project stand out. It includes extras made by Hendra Dirtyline and is free for personal use.

The Graffiti font:
This font, created by Mike Karolos, includes a bubbly pack wrapped around the alphabets in brilliant colors. Additionally, it is available in black and white.

Knight Brush:
Hendra Pratama, a graphic designer, created this font with a vintage aesthetic in mind. The goal of creating this font was to make the brush painting appear natural.

Fatty Wandals:
Mans Greback created this stunning script font, resembling a real chisel-tip marker and featuring a comprehensive set of characters with numerous variations.

Don Graffiti:
Don Graffiti is nicely urban, but still large and friendly. Don Marciano created this all-caps typeface with a clean touch, which is free for commercial usage.

Scare Arms:
This graffiti typeface from Chequered Ink is horror-inspired, with a degraded and terrifying appearance. The creators have truly brought their idea to life. You can download it for both personal and commercial use.

Grizzly Attacks:
The bears in Grizzly Attack appear to have just scratched their claws on the wall. It’s a hand-drawn font that’s stylish, memorable, cool, and simple to read. You can easily download it for both personal and business purposes, as it is in all uppercase.

Crevice Stencil:
Chequered Ink’s stencil font is elaborate and edgy. With the right style, this typeface can be eye-catching and appealing to the audience. This font is free to use for personal projects, but if you wish to use it commercially, you must acquire a license.

The graffiti world has transformed street art with a creative explosion. Although Seo company Dubai guarantees these fonts will work for your project, you can always create your own font using a unique typeface.

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